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What is persona-based advertising?

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Most business owners know that social media advertising companies are a cornerstone of any modern marketing strategy. After all, with almost two billion people using Facebook on any given day, social media has become a powerful way to connect with people and get your brand in front of new eyes.

But unless you’re being efficient with the social media ads you’re creating, much of your advertising budget is being wasted.

This is where persona-based advertising comes in, allowing you to create ads for, and display them to the people who will be most likely to buy your product. This increases conversions, lowers your advertising budget, and strengthens your overall brand message.

Unless you're being efficient with the social media ads you're creating, much of your advertising budget is being wasted.

What is persona-based advertising?

Persona-based advertising involves keeping a company’s buyer personas in mind through the creative, copy, and targeting steps of the advertising process, and it’s a game-changer when it comes to social media advertising for small business.

Fortunately, you can learn everything you need to know about buyer personas in about five minutes.

In short, the concept behind persona-based advertising is that keeping your buyer personas, or ideal customers, in mind during the marketing process will help you create more specific messaging that in turn attracts higher quality leads. This is opposed to the washed-out ads that some companies put out in the hopes of appealing to a wider audience; the reality is that they usually end up being ignored by that wider audience due to the lackluster messaging.

Benefits of persona-based advertising

Benefits of Persona - Based Advertising on social media. Increase conversions through targeted messaging. Lower your budget by being more selective with your advertising. Learn about your customers with buyer persona.

Persona-based advertising is one of the most important social media advertising services offered by social media and advertising agencies that a brand can add to its marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a more effective approach to social media advertising services, it’s well worth your time to learn about it.

What can persona-based advertising do for your business?

Increase conversions 

Using persona-based ads on your social pages allows you to create messaging that connects with your target audience. These ads are specific to a certain type of person who is the perfect fit for your product or service, so the leads generated tend to be of higher quality.

There’s not much point in a ton of leads that go nowhere; effective social media advertising for small business is more about focusing your efforts on high-quality leads that will actually buy.

Lower your budget

Small businesses are often (understandably) concerned about keeping their marketing budget low. Using persona-based advertising can help you save on advertising costs.


Running ads for a select group of people at specific times when they’re most likely to be online is far less costly than running as many ads as you can afford 24/7, hoping to catch the right person at the right time.

Learn more about your customers

Creating buyer personas for your advertising campaign will do wonders in helping you understand your client base overall.

This in turn will allow you to create more targeted advertising campaigns, better serve existing customers, and anticipate customer needs before they arise. The better you know your customers (and potential customers), the easier it will be to innovate and shape your business accordingly.

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How to develop persona-based ads

Developing persona-based ads is a little different than creating more generic messaging, but it requires a low amount of effort compared to the outstanding return on investment you’ll get.

Develop buyer personas

First, develop buyer personas so you have a clear understanding of your target audience, or who you’re creating the ads for.

Create specific ads

Create ads that visually appeal to the personality, specific interests, and pain-points of the persona that you’re trying to reach.

Trying to reach a younger audience? Go for bright colors that pop and informal branding. Looking to appeal to the older corporate crowd? Consider using a more refined color palette.

Use empathy

If you want to run a successful business, you need empathy. This should extend to your marketing campaign – craft an empathetic message with your client in mind, so they know that you understand their problems and are able to solve them.

Narrow your focus

Now that you have your buyer personas worked out and have crafted ads that cater specifically to this audience, it’s time to get the ads on social media. Be focused in your approach, using demographic and interest-based targeting rather than running ads with no rhyme or reason.

Review and adapt

Once your ads are live, monitor their performance, pinpoint the ways they could be better, and adapt as needed.

Even the best social media advertising services need a few tweaks in the beginning, but once you find the sweet spot, all your hard work will pay off in spades.

Want persona-based ads for your business?

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