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If you are a business owner looking to improve your organization, there is nothing like getting a pair of experienced, external eyes to take a look at your business and analyze what’s keeping you awake at night. A free discovery meeting with one of our consultants gives you the chance to dip your toe in the water and discuss your biggest headaches. From our meeting, we will develop an action plan that outlines our recommended steps for conquering your business challenges.

Our action plans are not used as a means to hold you to ransom. You can have us implement the plan we present or you can use someone else. All the information from the discovery meeting is yours to keep no matter how you choose to proceed.

You decide: is a free business (or marketing) plan worth a couple of meetings?

What is a discovery meeting?

A discovery meeting is a popular type of introductory meeting with a consultant that focuses on custom solutions for their clients. In a discovery meeting with Take the Stairs, one of our consultants would ask you a number of questions, including but not limited to your:

  • Goals for the future
  • Business identity
  • Target customers
  • Sales metrics
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Operations processes
  • Employee training

The more information that you can offer, the better able we are to create a thorough and relevant audit of your organization. We would evaluate your current business state in order to construct an appropriate plan of corrective actions. Our next meeting would be to go through the action plan that we developed and discuss how we would implement it to secure your desired business outcomes.

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