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Ideal customers are simulated representations of your preferred customer that you can use to inform your firm’s business strategy. Marketing consulting firms in Nashville, TN often advise business leaders to create buyer profiles because they recognize that useful insights can be used to attract quality customer leads to your business. If you are in search of new methods of engaging with your customers, learn what makes target audience so valuable for business leaders and how a brand agency can help you get started.

Customer avatar example

If a marketing consulting firm, like Take the Stairs, is looking to better align with potential customers who care about honesty and transparency they may put together a persona like Clint the Courageous Customer. This persona was developed from our Buyer Persona workshop by outlining the personality traits and the value proposition that connect to this ideal client profile. Here’s the completed persona:

clint the courageous customer buyer persona example

Why should I use a user persona?

User personas can be a valuable aid when working to optimize different areas of your business. Each persona can include the personal characteristics, behavioral traits, motivations, and goals of your ideal customer, providing your team with deep insights into the things your core audience values.

If you’re wondering why you should engage a brand marketing firm to assist you in crafting customer profiles through a brand persona workshop, here are some concrete ways these personas can benefit you:

To better understand your customers’ needs

A detailed customer avatar highlights characteristics that are representative of your ideal customer, offering you a unique perspective into factors that trigger people to purchase your products or services. A brand marketing company can use those insights to develop a more thorough understanding of what problems your customers expect to solve using your products.

With that knowledge, you can optimize your product development, content creation, sales efforts, and other business operations to better serve the customers who depend on you most. In this regard, leveraging user personas allows you to offer a more personalized experience to your prospects and customers, leading to better engagement and improved customer satisfaction. 

To get better quality prospects

The quality and quantity of the leads your company generates will dictate, to a great extent, the amount of revenue the business will be able to accrue in a given period. A brand persona workshop can help your marketing and sales teams create highly targeted campaigns that filter out prospects that are unlikely to purchase your products. By honing in on the specific characteristics that your customer base commonly has, you can increase the odds of attracting prospects that are likely to make a purchase.  

To have better ideas for innovation

A brand experience workshop allows you to momentarily swap your perspective from that of the business owner to the viewpoint of one of your customers. From this unique perspective, you may be able to identify new ways to reach your customers that you otherwise would not have noticed. Seeing through the eyes of your customers can illuminate new options for your business as well, whether your insights help you develop an innovative new product or a targeted marketing campaign. 

When do you use a user persona?

User personas can be incredibly versatile and useful in many business cases. While standard user personas target your ideal customer groups, they can also be used to identify characteristics that are found in people who are least likely to use your products. Here are some examples of business use cases for user personas:

Customer Service

A brand experience workshop can help you understand what problems your typical customers face using your products, allowing you to preemptively put a plan in place for helping them. This can streamline the customer service process, allowing you to bolster your customer satisfaction rates. 

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising campaigns are usually designed to promote products to people whose traits and interests fall within a specific set of parameters. Buyer persona workshop highlight a set of characteristics that can be plugged into these targeted campaigns. With enough user personas on hand, your marketing consulting team can create effective campaigns that routinely attract attention from the prospects you are most interested in reaching.  

Internal Communications

The bigger your business gets, the harder it becomes to make sure that your vision is understood by your entire workforce. Sharing your user personas with each department gives them the opportunity to better empathize with your customers therefore an ability for them to refine their practices to support the end client.

Schedule a buyer persona workshop with our marketing firm 

schedule a buyer persona workshop with Take the Stairs infographic

If you are planning to create your own set of user personas, consider seeking expert, professional guidance from a buyer persona marketing firm. Take the Stairs can walk you through the process of developing a balanced set of user personas that will help you redefine your business strategy. The exercises can be challenging to some but well worth the investment. Plus, the best things in life are always more of a challenge to achieve.

To schedule a buyer persona workshop session, contact us today.

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