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consulting firm in Nashville discussing consulting strategies

What does a consulting firm do?

All companies, especially small brands and businesses, face challenges and are always looking for ways to increase their profits and grow. That’s where consulting firms come in.  A consulting firm is a business that provides…
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Show value before you sell

Whether you’re an established Nashville mom-and-pop-shop or an up and coming web-based startup, you’re losing opportunities if you’re not focusing on your presales game. If there’s one thing our firm knows about small business consultant…
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laptop in an office on a glass table projecting charts.

What are target markets?

Any marketing consultant will tell you the importance of using target markets when developing a marketing strategy. But if you’re not well-versed on the subject of marketing for small businesses, the phrase “target markets” might…
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iPad showing charts on a strategic business consultant table next to a smartphone and tea cup.

Build. Grow. Stabilize.

With the digital age upon us, entrepreneurship has never been more accessible to the average American. According to an article by NPR, by September of 2020, applications for employer identification numbers (EIN) had surpassed 3.2…
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