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One of the social media advertising questions our marketing agency gets asked most is what should my budget be for this advertising campaign? This can be a very difficult question to answer if you haven’t developed a social media budget calculator.

Every advertising platform is different, but they all operate by having you put in your budget and targeting requirements, and the platform spits out how many impressions you can expect. As a result, we’ve built our calculator based on impressions.

As a social media advertising agency, our job is then to work backwards from the impressions to find the sweet spot for your budget. So we’ve set our calculator to determine the impressions needed to generate the leads you require for your business.

How to provide your desired leads

What we need from you is the number of your desired leads. We understand that desired leads can also be a tricky quantity to gauge, so use the tips below to help you set your number.

How many meetings can my sales team make?

When considering leads for your business, it’s important to understand how many meetings you and your sales team can actually take within a given month. If you are receiving more leads than your business can handle, not only will you be wasting advertising dollars on leads, you will be providing a poor experience to your prospects and possibly damaging your brand’s reputation. A negative brand perception can have the exact opposite effect of a referral. People will actively tell their friends and family not to work with your business based on their bad experience, so be sure your team can foster all of the leads that come through so you can unlock the full power of your brand.

How much can I afford for marketing?

Your marketing budget plays a huge role in the number of leads you can bring into your business. This number can be hard to determine in the initial phases of setting your budget, so make sure you understand how much is too much for you to handle. For your first shot at using our impressions calculator, focus on being as reasonable as possible with your desired leads. As you toggle with your budget in the social media advertising platform you’re using, you’ll start to get an understanding of the cost of impressions. If the budget is too high for the recommended number of impressions you need to generate, it’s time to consider reducing the number of desired leads.

How predictable are my results?

The more social media ad campaigns your business has run, the more predictable your results become. So if this is your first time doing any type of social media advertising, then it’s best to understand that the results of your campaign have the highest possible variance for success. In other words, the newer you are to advertising, the higher the range of outcomes.

Social media budget calculator disclaimer

This social media budget calculator is designed to be a tool to help you project an appropriate amount of impressions needed to generate your desired leads. It should not be viewed as an exact determination for the number of leads you’ll receive.

Each campaign is different and depending on the many factors of a social media advertising budget (audience, creative, campaign settings etc.), your results can vary drastically. By using our calculator, you agree that the output of the calculator is a projection and Take the Stairs, LLC of Nashville, TN holds no responsibility for the results of your campaign or the number of leads that your campaign generates.

For more information on how to best optimize your social media campaigns, contact Take the Stairs today.