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What is brand marketing?

Let’s start with what brand marketing is not: you can’t just create an eye-catching logo and think you have a successful brand. It doesn’t work that way. Brand marketing is marketing for your story not…
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The death of transactional marketing

Before the internet and the age of digital, people only shopped at local community businesses. These businesses knew their clientele personally, and offered an adapted customer experience to meet their needs. What’s more, if a…
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Discussion about social media advertising services.

What is persona-based advertising?

Most business owners know that social media advertising services are a cornerstone of any modern marketing strategy. After all, with almost two billion people using facebook on any given day, social media has become a…
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Unlock the power of your brand

Starting up a business is a pretty exciting thing to do. OK, exciting and scary, probably in equal measures. A new journey where you can’t see what’s at the end, in the middle or probably…
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human facade of a brand persona

Learn buyer personas in 5 minutes

Buyer personas are simulated representations of your preferred customer that you can use to inform your firm’s business strategy. Marketing consulting firms in Nashville, TN often advise business leaders to create buyer personas because they…
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