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Use cases for hyper-targeted alumni lead lists

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When developing a strategy to search for alumni, targeted lead lists can be a valuable asset. These lists generated from alumni searches can be customized to include only alumni who meet certain criteria, such as those who live in a particular area or are involved in a specific organization. 

benefits of high quality alumni lead lists

Targeted lead lists allow marketers to focus their lead generation efforts to find college alumni that are most likely to donate to their alma mater. By targeting potential donors through alumni LinkedIn accounts, email, or other channels, marketers can achieve a higher level of success by reaching the right audience with the right message.

Target alumni searches with C-level titles

According to The American Journal of Economics and Sociology (AJES), alumni with executive job titles tend to be more generous with their donations to their alma mater. They’re also more likely to be interested in sponsoring a new athletic program, academic scholarship, or attending a fundraising dinner. 

Because they’re such high-profile alumni, they can also help attract future students, build the school’s reputation, and make more donations. So if your school is creating a marketing strategy to raise money, find college alumni with C-level titles. You may just find they’re your biggest fans.

Find school alumni by current state of residency

While it’s always important to search alumni no matter where they live, there are some distinct advantages to targeting those who still reside in the same state as their alma mater, or live only one or two states away. Alumni who live close to their schools are more likely to attend fundraising events and maintain an interest in their alma mater. According to Ayelet Fishbach, Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing and IBM Corporation Faculty Scholar, “Donations increase as real or perceived distances decrease.”

Donations increase as real or perceived distances decrease quote on yellow background

So why is this the case? Proximity affords alumni a greater chance for familiarity with the college’s current needs and priorities. As a result, they’re in a much better position to make informed and generous gifts that will have a real impact. Additionally, when alumni feel connected to their alma mater, they’re much more likely to continue giving for years to come.

While alumni who are geographically closer to their alma mater are more likely to be generous with their donations, you may want to supplement their contributions with those from alumni who live farther away. Over time, you can expand your lead generation searches to more distant states to target these potential donors, rather than limiting yourself to the same ones repeatedly.

Target alumni outside of the country

As technology plays a bigger role in connecting people around the world, it’s increasingly important to reach out to alumni who live outside of the U.S. While these may be the hardest alumni to track down, there are a number of benefits to targeting them. First, it allows you to tap into a global network of professionals. These alumni can provide valuable insights into their local cultures and markets. Second, it provides an opportunity to build relationships with influential overseas businessmen and women who may be able to help your school by making donations or participating in study abroad programs for current students.

Benefits of targeting alumni outside of the country infographic

Finally, by engaging with alumni who live abroad, you can help your school develop a better international reputation. This can be especially beneficial for students who are planning to study or work overseas after they graduate. So if you’re looking to refresh your lead list and build strong connections with your school’s alumni base, don’t neglect reaching out to those who live in other countries.

Target alumni who are part of a professional group

In today’s fundraising landscape, it’s more important than ever to think outside the box when it comes to finding new donors. One underutilized but promising lead generation tactic is partnering with professional groups that share your organization’s values and goals. For example, the Freemasons, the American Bankers Association, or the Nashville Health Care Council. Members of these groups are often highly passionate about their causes and committed to helping others that share the same mission, making them ideal potential donors.

Your university can tap into its existing alumni base to make introductions to members of these groups who share the same interests and passions, even if they are not alumni of your school. Connecting with these people allows you to plan events, like mutual fundraisers, where you might attract potential donors. Take the Stairs has the tools required to identify alumni and which professional organizations they belong to, so you can maximize your chances of success. With a little effort, partnering with professional groups can be a great way to find new donors for your university.

Want to know more about how to search for alumni? See how we can help!

Colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to reach out to their alumni for donations. Not only is there an emotional connection, but also a sense of loyalty and gratitude. Whether one of these use cases fits your circumstances, or you have another one in mind, we can help.

Take the Stairs is a Nashville-based lead gen company with the resources you need to search for alumni. We can help you identify potential donors and create a campaign that reaches them effectively. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you reach your fundraising goals.

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