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What does a consulting firm do?

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All companies, especially small brands and businesses, face challenges and are always looking for ways to increase their profits and grow. That’s where consulting firms come in. 

A consulting firm is a business that provides advice on how companies can improve their processes and strategies to reach business objectives more efficiently. 

They are professional entities equipped with the expertise, experience, and tools needed to support your business in various areas, from crafting a successful strategy to overcoming operational challenges, advising on human resources challenges, streamlining processes, and promoting growth.

Consulting firms provide services like strategic planning, market research, financial analysis, product development, and organizational restructuring, among others. 

What are the benefits of a consulting firm?

The value of a seasoned expert cannot be overstated In the fast-paced world of business.

Sobering data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. These statistics haven’t changed much over time and have been fairly consistent since the 1990s.

From fledgling startups to established enterprises, each entity faces unique challenges and opportunities that necessitate expert guidance. 

This is where a consulting firm comes into play. If you’ve never used a consulting firm before, you might wonder, “For whom or what are consulting companies for?” or “What is a consulting business, and what, exactly, does it do?” and “Is it for me?”

A consulting firm can help small businesses minimize the risk of failure and maximize potential by offering unbiased advice, industry expertise, and a unique perspective based on their experiences with similar companies.

Consulting firms provide a broad range of services aimed at helping businesses improve their performance and achieve their goals. These services vary widely depending on the type of consulting and the firm’s area of specialization, from marketing consultant to IT and management consultant services.

Consulting firms, by definition, bring an outside perspective and can offer insights and solutions to business challenges. They possess expertise in specific areas and can help implement the latest strategies and technologies. 

Consultants can also save time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies. With a consulting firm like Take the Stairs, businesses can leverage a suite of services that are tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Let’s delve into the types of consulting firms and the services they provide.

What are the types of consulting and consulting services?

In our rapidly changing business ecosystem, the importance of consulting companies in guiding businesses toward their goals is undeniable. They offer a myriad of services that are crucial to various facets of your business. Let’s break down these types of consulting and their associated services further.

types of consulting services

Strategy consulting

In a world where approximately 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, a lack of coherent strategies is often the culprit. This is where strategy consulting comes to the rescue. 

Strategy consultants help businesses devise and implement effective strategies to achieve their desired outcomes. They offer expert advice to senior managers on numerous topics, including: 

  • the best business structure.
  • development of competitive advantages. 
  • understanding customer needs and wants.
  • identifying new markets. 
  • leveraging technology.
  • optimizing operations.

By analyzing business challenges, market trends, and the competitive landscape, a business consultant from a strategy company provides high-level advice that drives growth, enhances competitiveness, and bolsters profitability.

Business consulting

Even established businesses can stumble when faced with new challenges or opportunities. That is where a business consultant comes in.

Business consulting aims to aid businesses in enhancing their performance through an in-depth analysis of existing business problems and the development of improvement plans. 

Business consultants offer comprehensive professional advice on various aspects of your business. Business consultant firms delve deep into your operations, identifying areas of inefficiency and potential improvement, and provide tailored solutions for each issue, ultimately driving operational efficiency and boosting profits.

Financial consulting

The financial health of a business is key to its survival and growth. Financial consultants provide expert advice to businesses on managing finances, capital management, risk assessment, investment strategies, and financial planning. 

By offering sound financial advice, a financial consultant can help businesses improve their financial performance, achieve better returns on investments, ensure financial stability, and develop strategies for financial growth.

Information technology consulting

With the growing importance of technology in business, Information Technology (IT) consulting has become an essential service. IT consultants guide businesses in implementing new technologies, optimizing IT infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity, and driving digital transformation. 

They help businesses harness the power of cutting-edge technology and digital tools for work and other services-related processes, ensuring seamless integration of these technologies into their operations, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience for their client organization.

Management consulting

Management consulting services are essential for businesses looking to improve their organizational structure and management practices. 

Generally speaking, management consultants provide advice on a company’s operations, organizational changes, process improvements, management strategies, and other service-related details that can enhance a business’s performance and productivity. 

They offer expert guidance to company executives on leadership, change management, human resources, corporate strategy, and other critical management aspects, driving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Sales consulting

To keep revenue flowing, businesses must continually refine their sales strategies and processes. What do consulting firms do to help, from a sales point of view? 

A sales consultant’s job is to help businesses improve these areas, offering advice on sales techniques, customer engagement, and market analysis, including in emerging markets.

They assess current sales strategies, identify areas for improvement, and suggest practical solutions to boost revenue. They also provide training to sales teams, equipping them with the skills needed to close deals more effectively and achieve better results.

Marketing consulting

Effective marketing is crucial for business growth and customer engagement. Marketing consultants like Take the Stairs help businesses create and implement successful marketing strategies. They offer advice on brand positioning, market research, advertising campaigns, digital marketing, and more.

Marketing consultants analyze your target audience and the competitive landscape, allowing them to devise strategies that resonate with your customers and set you apart from competitors.

Brand consulting

In today’s crowded market, establishing a unique and strong branding image is essential. Brand consultants help businesses develop and manage their brand image, media messaging, offering advice on brand strategy, identity, positioning, and communication. 

By defining your brand’s values, personality, and visual identity, brand consultants help you create a strong connection with your target audience, improving brand loyalty and driving business growth.

Preparing to work with a consulting firm

The first step to a fruitful consulting relationship is recognizing, as a business owner,  your business goals. What are consulting services without a clear understanding of your desired outcomes?

Pinpointing these objectives is like laying a roadmap for your journey to success. It’s pivotal to consider what you hope to accomplish with the help of a consulting firm. Whether it’s growing your market share, enhancing operational efficiency, driving a digital transformation, or elevating your brand image, each goal will require a tailored approach and set of solutions.

Once these goals are distinctly defined, the next phase is to devise a robust plan to reach them through consulting work.

Finding the right consultant

Once your goals and plans are laid out, the quest to find the right consultant begins. This selection process is similar to finding a guide who understands your destination and knows the best routes to get there. Here are some key aspects to consider:


Just like you wouldn’t trust an inexperienced guide to lead you through uncharted territory, you shouldn’t settle for a consultant lacking the necessary qualifications. 

Review their qualifications, including their educational background, certifications, professional experience, consulting career, and industry knowledge. This helps ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise to offer valuable and effective consulting services.

Ask about the consultant’s skill set, a few examples of experiences with problem solving, and their proven track record. They should understand the latest trends, technologies, and strategies and know how to apply them to your business.

A top-notch consulting firm like Take the Stairs should have deep knowledge and vast experience in the area you need help with. 

Services provided

Check the services provided by the consulting firm. Ensure that they offer services that align with your business needs and goals. For instance, if you aim to enhance your brand image, you should look for a consultant with experience in brand consulting. Similarly, if your goal is to optimize your IT infrastructure, a consultant with expertise in IT consulting will best suit your needs.

Customized solutions

The best consulting firms provide services that are tailored to the unique needs and objectives of your business. They should take the time to understand your business, its challenges, and its goals before offering solutions.


Look for a consulting firm that is upfront about its processes, pricing, and expected outcomes. This openness helps build trust and ensures a successful working relationship.

Cost considerations

While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, it’s an important aspect to consider when choosing a consulting firm. However, remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one. Instead, focus on the value that the consulting firm can bring to your business and consider the potential return on investment.

Tips for getting the most out of your consultation

Maximizing your consultation is like squeezing every drop of juice from a ripe fruit. It ensures you’re getting your money’s worth and sets the stage for successful collaboration. Here are a few tips for achieving consulting success:

Active participation

Active participation is paramount for a fruitful consultation. Prepare in advance for your meetings by jotting down any questions or concerns you may have. Ensure you fully understand the proposed strategies and plans. Engage in constructive discussions with your consultant, offering your insights and ideas.

Open communication

Always ensure an open and transparent communication channel between you and your consulting firm. The consulting firm should keep you informed about progress, challenges, and any changes in plans or timelines.

At Take the Stairs, we believe in being honest about your business needs, goals, and limitations. Promptly address any concerns that might arise during the consultation period. An environment of trust and mutual respect can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the consulting services.

Leveraging expertise

Ensure you leverage the full breadth of your consultant’s expertise. 

For instance, if you’re working with a multifaceted firm like Take the Stairs, take advantage of their wide range of services spanning from marketing and strategy consulting to brand consulting. This will ensure you receive a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to address your business needs.

Implementing advice

The best advice is only as good as its implementation. 

After each consultation, put the recommended strategies and action plans into effect. Monitor the progress and provide feedback to your consultant, so adjustments can be made as necessary.

Maintaining results and keeping on track

Much like a completed hike, reaching your business goals isn’t the end of the journey. Maintaining results and staying on course are just as important. Here’s how you can ensure sustained success:

How to maintain results and keeping on track

Regular check-ins

Schedule regular check-ins with your consulting firm to evaluate progress, discuss any challenges, and make necessary adjustments to the strategies or plans. These check-ins can provide valuable insights and help keep your business on track.

Performance metrics

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the implemented strategies. These metrics can help you track your progress toward your goals and identify areas for improvement.

Continual improvement

The market and business landscape are continually evolving. Stay adaptive by regularly reassessing your strategies and plans. 

Consulting firms like Take the Stairs encourage a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring your business stays relevant and competitive.

Long-term partnership

Consider maintaining a long-term partnership with your consulting firm. They can provide ongoing support and guidance, helping you navigate changes in the business environment and new challenges that may arise.

With the right approach and a committed and honest consulting partner, getting the most out of your consultation and staying on track becomes an achievable reality. Remember, the journey toward business success is a marathon, not a sprint. With continuous effort and the right guidance, your business will not only reach its goals but also maintain them in the long run.

FAQs about consulting firms

Is a business strategy firm different from a consulting firm?

Business strategy firms and consulting firms often overlap in their functions. However, they each have a distinct emphasis. 

A business strategy firm typically focuses on helping businesses identify their long-term goals and create a roadmap to achieve them while a consulting firm’s definition implies that they are involved in providing advice and assistance related to particular areas such as management, finance, technology, etc.

A consulting firm like Take the Stairs offers a broader range of services, including business strategy development, but also marketing consulting and brand consulting. The comprehensive approach of a consulting firm provides a more holistic solution for brands and businesses.

What does a consulting firm charge?

The cost of hiring a consulting firm can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of the firm, the scope of the project, the complexity of the services needed, and the duration of the engagement. Some firms charge on an hourly basis, while others might propose a flat fee for a specific project or a retainer for ongoing services.

What is a business consultancy agreement?

A business consultancy agreement is an agreement between a consulting firm and a business that outlines the scope of work, deliverables, and terms of engagement for a consulting project. This includes the services to be provided, the timelines for completion, the fees and payment terms, and other responsibilities of both parties. A well-defined agreement helps ensure a smooth working relationship and sets clear expectations on both sides.

Take your business to greater heights with Take the Stairs consulting services

Consulting is a valuable tool for businesses looking to grow and develop. Take The Stairs is a Nashville-based digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses grow. Our expert team can assist you in developing a customized strategy that caters to your unique needs and sets you apart in a highly competitive market.

Contact us today to learn more and take your business to the next level!

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