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Lots of hands reaching into the center illustrates the support offered by a business consultant Nashville.

How to run a business through tough times

We’re living in unprecedented times just now. As we write this blog, we remain in quarantine lockdown, like much of the rest of the world. COVID-19 has hit the world with something so unfathomable that…
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Operations consultant walking past wall that says 'productivity'

What is operations consulting?

As an operations consultant who runs an agency that offers business, marketing and service operations consulting, I and my team are seeking to help your business in three ways:  Putting together a plan to help…
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flexible woman who owns a brand marketing company does yoga

Your business should be flexible

Adding flexibility to your business plan As operational consultants, at Take the Stairs, we know that nothing moves quite as fast as business. Whether it’s consumer tastes, technology, the competitive landscape or the economy, if…
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A small business operations consultant using a kanban board

Your business isn’t using a PM tool?

Project management tools can improve your business If you run a small business, chances are that your ship doesn’t always sail smoothly. Your job as an owner or manager is to plan and execute projects…
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