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Your business should be flexible

Adding flexibility to your business plan As operational consultants, at Take the Stairs, we know that nothing moves quite as fast as business. Whether it’s consumer tastes, technology, the competitive landscape or the economy, if…
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Your business isn’t using a PM tool?

Project management tools can improve your business If you run a small business, chances are that your ship doesn’t always sail smoothly. Your job as an owner or manager is to plan and execute projects…
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showing integrity in business

How integrity benefits your business

What is integrity, anyway? Integrity is a word that gets thrown around a lot – but what does it actually mean to you and the success of your business? At an individual level, integrity is…
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a great idea

A great idea is not enough

Operations consulting, please take a bow. As a small boy, I used to spend time trying to think of great ideas for new products. One of my ideas was some kind of covering for a…
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a business consultant in action

How does a business consultant work?

A Business Consultant explained Business consulting is bigger business than you might think. On a global scale, spend amounts total around $250 billion, of which more than $58 billion is spent in the US. You…
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