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the colors and shapes of a different ties are used by humans as a tool to express their personality explained by branding agency

Unlock the power of your brand

Starting up a business is a pretty exciting thing to do. OK, exciting and scary, probably in equal measures. A new journey where you can’t see what’s at the end, in the middle or probably…
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human facade of a brand persona workshop

Learn buyer personas in 5 minutes

Ideal customers are simulated representations of your preferred customer that you can use to inform your firm’s business strategy. Marketing consulting firms in Nashville, TN often advise business leaders to create buyer profiles because they…
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Lots of hands reaching into the center illustrates the support offered by a business consultant Nashville.

How to run a business through tough times

We’re living in unprecedented times just now. As we write this blog, we remain in quarantine lockdown, like much of the rest of the world. COVID-19 has hit the world with something so unfathomable that…
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Operations consultant walking past wall that says 'productivity'

What is operations consulting?

As an operations consultant who runs an agency that offers business, marketing and service operations consulting, I and my team are seeking to help your business in three ways:  Putting together a plan to help…
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