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5 Tips for How to Effectively Work From Home

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Hello. My name’s Adam Carbonneau, and I’m the managing director of Take The Stairs. I’m here to give you five tips on how to effectively work from home, something that we can help you with, as an online business consultant, since 2016 we’ve had a completely remote workforce. So here we go.

So number one, tasks, not time, is what you need to focus on. As an online business consultant, it’s crucial to prioritize tasks over traditional office hours.

So when you go into an office, it’s usually a nine to five. In this case, no. Every day, say these are the things that I need to get done, whether you need to work with your manager, just find things that you need to get done every day.

Number two, have a dedicated workspace, just like my home office for my online business consulting firm here. This is the place where I get work done. It’s not where I play video games or watch TV. So have a space that’s just yours to work, and it’ll help you get in the zone much quicker.

Number three, wear a little more formal clothes. Don’t just wear your pajamas. It really helps you when you can wear more formal clothes to get in a better mindset that, okay, I’m working now, and it really trains your body at the same time, kind of forces you to take a shower and get up and take on the day.

Number four, make sure you have time to step away. You’re going to be at home the entire time here. So you really need to go take walks or take breaks in any way. Like I said, it’s about the task that you get done. So you really need to take some time to just get away from your computer, get away from your tasks to stay sane.

And finally, my fifth tip as an online business consultant is going to be to listen to music, something people do already at the office. But it’s a great way to get in the zone, especially instrumental music if you can. But it’s really something, when you put on your headphones, it really puts you kind of into a new world.

So anyway, those are my five tips that I follow for my online business consulting firm. Doesn’t mean those are the only five things you can do to be effective from working from home. So please do me a favor and comment below your best ideas to work from home, as well, and we look forward to hearing what you say. Thank you.

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