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Over 690 million professionals use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with like-minded brands. What if we told you that we can teach you to take advantage of those numbers to attract more B2B leads? Our B2B lead gen ads services will help you unlock the power of your brand and connect with prospects who are searching for the exact thing your business offers.

How most companies run B2B lead gen advertising

We’ve been in the marketing and lead gen business for a while, and we’ve helped many businesses grow their lead list and increase their bottom line. Time and again we’ve seen clients who’ve wasted time and money on ineffective ad campaigns, doing some version of the following:

  • Setting their audience targets
  • Uploading creative content
  • Setting a budget
  • Noticing disappointing results

They tinker with their campaign month after month, until they finally realize they’re sending ads to a number of people who will never be interested in their services. It’s then that they usually seek out our B2B lead gen ads services.

The secret to B2B lead gen ads… matched audiences

B2Bs have a unique advantage over B2C businesses when it comes to lead generation. A B2B customer base is clear-cut; there are certain businesses that would likely be interested in your product, and there are certain employees that are responsible for these purchases.

LinkdIn B2B Ad Process

And you can take this train of thought one step further – LinkedIn Campaign Manager, LinkedIn’s advertising platform, allows you to upload a list of prospects you’d like to advertise to. Then it will match the contact information you upload to profiles within LinkedIn. This is called LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

NOTE: In order for your LinkedIn Matched Audiences campaign to run, you’ll need a minimum of 300 matched contacts. So generally speaking, we recommend you upload at least 500 contacts to make sure you generate enough matches.

Why is a matched audience so valuable?

A matched audience is like a billboard that only your target prospects can see, and you’re only charged for their views. Once you turn your lead list into a matched audience, you can run ads that only go to your prospects.

Why Matched Audiences

It is important to note that a campaign like this will not be as efficient as other campaigns when analyzed using metrics like CPM or CPC. But your ads will be sent to the exact people you want to see them, so it will be more than worth it. This is especially true if you’re relatively new to online advertising.

As long as you start with a strong, clean lead gen ads list, none of your impressions (and ad money) will be wasted on people who will never buy from you.

Challenges with a matched audience campaign

It’s important to recognize that no lead gen ads campaign is completely foolproof. Here are some of the most important challenges to look out for when using LinkedIn Matched Audiences or even lead gen ads Facebook.

Challenges with a matched audience campaign

You’re not generating enough impressions

If your lead gen ads campaign isn’t generating enough impressions, it’s usually because your prospects aren’t very active on LinkedIn. In this case, you’ll likely need to find a way to add more prospects to your matched audience list so you can boost your impression share.

However, it’s also important to note that this isn’t supposed to be a high impression campaign; it’s a quality over quantity strategy.

PRO TIP: If you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your leads, you can use filters like “Posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days” to find more active users. If you have a large list of prospects on LinkedIn, this filter will be the best for finding more active prospects to send your ads to.

Your creative isn’t personalized

With a practically hand-picked lead list like the one you get from matched audiences, you have an opportunity to speak to one of your buyer personas, so don’t waste it.

Create ads that relate directly to the prospects you are trying to talk to. The more you personalize your ads to their needs, the more likely they are to convert. Make sure your ads address the unique pain points of the target audiences you’re presenting your ads to.

You don’t have a lead list

LinkedIn profile

One of the more common reasons we’ve found for why companies don’t use matched audiences is a barren CRM that holds little to no leads.

But in today’s world, client information is easy to get – we recommend LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool for B2B leads, as it has over 177 million American users you can search from and filter to find your top prospects.

The best part about using Sales Navigator is that you’re getting your leads directly from LinkedIn, so your match rate should be 100% for when you transfer your leads into LinkedIn’s ad platform from your CRM.

Unfortunately, at the time this blog was written, you can’t just transfer your Sales Navigator list to LinkedIn Campaign Navigator; you’ll need to export and re-upload it. This is where Take the Stairs comes in – our lead gen advertising specialists can easily transform your lead lists into matched audiences with our internal data scraping tools.

Need a lead list or other B2B lead gen ads services?

Are you ready to take your B2B lead gen game up a level or have questions about what are lead gen ads? Take the next step with our B2B lead gen advertising services by scheduling a free discovery call today. There’s no risk to the conversation and only an opportunity to learn more about how you can generate more leads for your B2B business.

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