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How TTS helped a Nashville landscaping company bring in over $2 million a year with organic search

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Take the Stairs (TTS) loves marketing for landscapers, offering tailored solutions designed to elevate the visibility and success of landscaping businesses. With our focus on marketing for landscaping companies, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities within the landscaping industry, particularly in regions like Nashville, TN.

Marketing a landscape company requires a nuanced approach, considering the specific needs and target audience of this niche. Our agency has learned the intricacies of landscape marketing, addressing the diverse services offered by landscaping companies.

Our expertise extends to landscaping marketing strategies that encompass various elements, including digital marketing, online reviews, and effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

As a landscape marketing company, we acknowledge the importance of local presence and community engagement. Through comprehensive landscaping marketing plans, we aim to position landscapers as go-to experts in their service areas.

An infographic showing the marketing for landscapers strategy of Take the Stairs

In the realm of marketing for landscapers, we go beyond conventional approaches. Our emphasis on landscaping marketing strategy involves understanding the unique needs of local customers and crafting messages that resonate with their target audience.

We ensure that landscapers effectively reach prospective clients by incorporating digital marketing strategies, including content marketing and maintaining an optimized landscaping website.

Background of the Nashville, TN Landscaping Company

Let’s delve into the success story of one of Take the Stairs’ past landscaping clients, exploring how we strategically elevated their online presence and garnered an impressive $2.9 million in leads. This client’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of a well-crafted online strategy, showcasing the tangible results achieved through collaboration with us.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Our client, a familiar face in the community, was already an expert in his field.

But every businessman faces challenges, and his journey hit a bump when a partnership went south. Not one to back down, he teamed up with his cousin and launched a new landscaping venture in Nashville, TN.

An overview of their landscaping business

The company operated in two key sectors: commercial and residential, with a strong need to increase in construction opportunities. In the commercial services division collaborated with large businesses and contractors, specializing in excavating lines for utilities like electricity, sewage, and water in Nashville, TN.

Conversely, the residential divisions targeted residential customers in Nashville, TN, emphasizing business-to-consumer interactions and providing landscaping services such as regrading, drainage solutions, and hardscape elements.

They excelled in addressing drainage issues by implementing features like French drains to manage significant rainfall in the region. Landscaping, driveways, patios, custom fire pits, brick mailboxes, and retaining walls were key offerings for substantial outdoor transformations.

What they were doing before collaborating with Take the Stairs

Before partnering with us the business had a minimal online presence, with a single-page website. The site received zero monthly hits, showing a lack of traction and visibility in the online space. Our client worked with a different marketing agency before working with TTS, but the previous strategy was unfortunately ineffective.

The landscape business is challenging, and their initial marketing campaigns faced hurdles, struggled to attract new clients, especially during busy seasons, and their online presence was limited.

The prior marketing company’s failure to deliver results and support led to a negative experience, with the website unable to drive traffic.

The business owners initially grappled with effective business management and faced challenges due to a lack of strategies in digital marketing and paid advertising. This resulted in difficulties connecting with their ideal customer base.

This prompted their search for a new approach, leading them to engage with Take the Stairs for landscaping marketing strategies, including content strategies, SEO, and digital marketing.

The focus shifted to attracting new customers and enhancing the company’s visibility in the local landscaping business in Nashville, TN.

Identifying and overcoming the landscape business’s initial challenges

In the initial stages of marketing for this landscaping company, we faced various challenges, taking approximately eight months to formulate and implement effective solutions.

Establishing trust proved to be a critical hurdle, particularly given the business owner’s limited experience in marketing to landscaping customers. It was imperative for the owner to grasp the time required to witness results and resist the temptation to prematurely discontinue efforts.

Budget constraints posed another significant challenge for the landscaping company. With a limited budget, a meticulous and strategic approach was crucial, focusing on areas within the landscaping services sector with lower competition. This involved identifying opportunities for additional brand awareness for local customers.

Overview of our initial strategy for the landscape company

An SEO consultant planning their marketing for landscapers strategySignificantly, the market in marketing for landscape companies was underdeveloped, with businesses relying on simplistic strategies, including brief content on web pages.

A comprehensive SEO approach became a cornerstone in overcoming these challenges within marketing for landscaping. Recognizing the lack of competition in the landscaping market, the strategy prioritized the systematic implementation of relevant keywords for landscaping services.

This encompassed conducting initial keyword research, selecting the most effective landscaping keywords, and appropriately categorizing and interlinking content on the landscaping website. These fundamental but often overlooked aspects of SEO were absent from previous marketing efforts.

The limited competition in the landscaping sector presented a distinctive opportunity to secure rankings without the intense competition observed in other industries.

This facilitated a more efficient allocation of the constrained budget, concentrating on strategies that promised significant results within the landscaping market.

Overall, the identified challenges were effectively addressed through a thoughtful and tailored landscaping marketing plan, leveraging the less competitive landscape to attain improved rankings and visibility for the landscape business.

Areas we focused on with our landscaping client

When we started working with the landscape business, we saw big chances to grow, especially in Nashville, TN. We noticed that landscaping and manual labor services, such as landscaping and drainage work, were in high demand due to the city’s fast growth. This created a great opportunity for focused marketing efforts.

Recognizing that many businesses in this industry, including our client, were not highly tech-savvy, we devised a strategy to position the company as a topical authority.

We shifted our focus towards content creation, particularly in the realm of drainage services. Understanding the challenges posed by starting with a low domain authority, we undertook a content-centric approach, emphasizing comprehensive and in-depth service pages and supporting blogs.

On the social media front, we focused on enhancing the client’s visual presence and organization. We directed our efforts toward improving photography and creating positive review posts to reinforce social proof.

Additionally, recognizing the influx of incoming leads, Take the Stairs implemented a sales pipeline system using Trello. This system facilitated the organization of lead information, enabling a streamlined and digital approach to managing quotes, jobs, and client interactions. Most importantly, the tool was free which removed a huge barrier in the company’s willingness to go digital.

Our approach to improving their social media

Take the Stairs strategically enhanced the landscaping business’s social media presence.

This involved meticulous editing and color correction to create a clean and professional appearance in visual content. We applied retouching to images, ensuring a consistent and polished look for ongoing social media efforts.

Additionally, our agency organized visual elements systematically, streamlining content creation and sharing new blogs for effective landscape marketing.

By facilitating the creation of visually appealing and cohesive posts aligned with the brand’s image, we empowered the business to independently generate high-quality posts.

Additionally, Take the Stairs played an active role in generating content, and prioritizing the creation of positive review posts to establish social credibility. Curating and showcasing positive feedback enhanced the landscaping business’s reputation, serving as a compelling testament to its reliability and excellence.

This approach aimed at elevating the brand’s online presence and enhancing its appeal within the landscape marketing industry, reaching a wider audience.

The SEO strategy we used to increase their rankings

Take the Stairs executed a robust SEO strategy to significantly enhance the rankings for the landscaping business, with a specific focus on drainage services in Nashville, TN. Recognizing the industry’s limited tech-savviness, we identified a distinctive opportunity to establish the business as a topical authority.

To tackle the challenges arising from a low domain authority, we centered our efforts on content creation, placing a particular emphasis on drainage terms. This strategic decision resulted from recognizing a significant opportunity within drainage services.

The SEO strategy of Take the Stairs for marketing landscapers that led to improved rankings of a landscape company

The SEO strategy involved generating a substantial volume of service pages and supporting blogs, covering topics such as ‘What is a modified French drain?’ and ‘Residential stormwater management tips for proper drainage.’ We aimed to showcase expertise by consistently producing insightful content around keywords related to drainage.

This comprehensive approach spanned various topics related to drainage, positioning the business as an authority in the field. The content creation efforts specifically targeted major drainage terms, achieving notable success with rankings in the top 10 for many relevant searches.

The efficacy of this SEO strategy was especially evident in the drainage sector, where more than 75% of leads were generated. Significantly, during rainy months and events like flooding and flash floods, the landscaping business excelled in this niche.

Our ability to achieve these results with a limited budget emphasized the effectiveness of the tailored SEO strategy. It underscored the importance of the drainage sector as a pivotal element in the overall marketing success.

How we used content marketing to drive traffic to the site

In shaping our content marketing strategy for the landscaping business, we prioritized a thorough keyword approach to drive targeted traffic to the site. The commitment to keyword optimization involved implementing specific keywords into the content, ensuring a focused and strategic delivery.

Leveraging silos and clusters, we carefully selected four or five keywords for each piece, creating a diverse portfolio and expanding our reach.

Our strategic approach extended beyond concentrating on a single high-performing keyword. Instead, we systematically included multiple keywords to enhance visibility and address a range of user queries.

This method aimed to capture the audience’s attention before they reached the ‘buy now’ stage. By incorporating awareness terms into the content, we positioned the landscaping business as a valuable resource, answering questions and building brand exposure in local markets.

Furthermore, our dedication went beyond content creation. We actively collaborated with operations to streamline the lead management process. This ensured that the surge of leads generated through our content marketing efforts, geared towards potential customers, didn’t overwhelm the landscaping business.

Instead, it contributed to a systematic and effective sales process. Our adaptable and comprehensive approach showcased our ability to work seamlessly across various industries, seizing opportunities and delivering tangible results in landscape marketing and beyond.

Zero to hero: how our client got over $2.9 million a year with organic search

An infographic showing the yearly revenue of a landscape company after implementing a marketing for landscapers strategy

Through our strategic organic search efforts, the landscaping service company soared from zero leads to remarkable heights, experiencing a significant surge in their clientele.

Initially facing a lack of incoming leads, the landscape transformed dramatically by the year 2021.

Collaborating with the landscape business, we initiated a comprehensive organic search strategy in 2017, yielding remarkable outcomes. In 2021 alone, the business experienced a substantial surge, generating approximately 2000 leads. This impact was profound, projecting collaborative efforts to yield nearly $3 million in revenue.

This remarkable growth wasn’t a stroke of luck but a testament to the efficacy of the organic search strategy implemented by us.

What the client thought about their experience

“We have worked on several projects with Take the Stairs since 2017. All have been very successful. Specifically, over the past 18 months Take the Stairs has completely transformed our SEO platform. The results really are amazing, currently generating up to 80 organic leads per month. I highly recommend ‘Take the Stairs’.

The above testimonial from the business owner speaks volumes about their transformative journey with Take the Stairs. Having collaborated since 2017, the landscaping business expresses profound satisfaction with the series of projects undertaken. The pivotal moment came as TTS orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul of its SEO platform, sparking a significant shift in its trajectory. The landscaping business emphasizes its remarkable success, describing the results as nothing less than amazing, with the current generation of up to 80 organic leads per month.

The testimonial underscores the pivotal role TTS played in not only boosting online visibility but, more crucially, crafting a revenue-generating engine for the business.

Importance of marketing for landscaping companies

The importance of marketing a landscape company cannot be overstated. Effective marketing for landscaping companies is paramount in today’s competitive business landscape.

It goes beyond simply promoting services; it’s about establishing a strong online presence, connecting with the target audience, and showcasing the unique offerings of the business.

Landscaping companies approach marketing through multiple facets, emphasizing the crafting of a compelling narrative and highlighting the company’s expertise as essential components.

A landscape marketing firm understands that prospective clients often seek information and assurance before deciding on a landscaping service.

Moreover, marketing a landscape company requires tailored strategies to navigate the distinct challenges within the industry. This includes addressing the diverse range of services offered by landscaping companies and tailoring marketing efforts to align with the specific needs of the local market.

The role of a landscaping marketing company extends to digital platforms, encompassing effective online marketing techniques. Leveraging digital channels, such as social media and SEO, is essential for enhancing visibility and attracting potential clients.

A strategic online presence not only boosts brand awareness but also establishes the landscaping company as a trusted and reliable service provider.

Let Take the Stairs help be your landscape marketer

A team of marketing consultant closing a deal after presenting their marketing for landscapers strategyThis narrative of triumph reveals how TTS’s strategic organic search tactics propelled the landscaping business from zero leads to remarkable success. The story underscores the resilience, strategic vision, and transformative impact of TTS’s well-executed digital marketing strategy.

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of marketing techniques tailored to the needs of the landscaping industry as well as adjacent service industries such as construction. Whether you’re looking to enhance your online presence or reach potential clients, we’ve got you covered.

Let Take the Stairs be your dedicated partner in navigating the landscape of marketing. With our proven track record and commitment to your success, we’re ready to help your business thrive in the competitive landscape industry.

Contact us to elevate your success with tailored strategies – explore marketing a landscape company with us today!

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